Meet Alfie


With a background in education entrepreneurship, providing excellent service to my clients has always been essential to my business. After gaining a Masters Degree in Education, I returned to China and worked as a senior manager in education training for a top ESL corporation. I designed and drove English training programs for senior directors in the largest tech companies in Shenzhen, a hub city for successful global Chinese such as Huawei and Tencent. This allowed me to develop important skills, enabling sophisticated entrepreneur Chinese people to effectively grow their businesses. Continued by founding my own company, “New Yorker English” based in China. It provides English training to children (with 1000+ enrolled) under the K12 curriculum, offering a happy and effective learning environment.

After my achievement in education entrepreneurship, I have also succeeded in the real estate business, becoming a superstar Realtor at the top Real Estate company Angell Hasman & Associate in Vancouver. I have marketed and sold numerous luxury properties in West Vancouver, Vancouver West, and North Vancouver ranging in value from 2 to 10 million CAD – which established an investment network, including Chinese and domestic investors and sellers. Adept at using social media and marketing, I am able to run highly effective campaigns in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English; offering a top tier and innovative marketing service.

My philosophy is to offer a sincere, intelligent, and well-informed service to ensure that each client has the best possible experience in reaching their Real Estate goals. My approach uses innovative marketing solutions to present your property and effectively promote it to a domestic and overseas Chinese market. I understand both eastern and western Real Estate business practices and I am able to work with clients matching their requirements to those of the market.